Russel_Wayne_LogoLogo design for DJ Russell Wayne.

Logo design for djallcome, an electronic music portal.

Logo design for Solid Tracks Records, a London based techno label.

Logo design for Killing Intent, an extreme metal band from Salonika, Greece.

Logo design for Chalkbucket Labs – A gym management software.

Submerged_logoLogo design for a techno party night, in the heart of London.

dimski-inside-out-business-cardaLogo and business card design for Inside Out Records, a London based record label.

Flyer, poster and billboard design for ‘The family thinking skills project’ – University of Cambrdige.

The artwork was illustrated by Elias Papageorgiou, with various elements compiling the word ‘family’.

picknick-posterPoster design for a Picknick Recordings & Minimal Force records event.

One of many poster designs for Blue Lake, a beach club located in Monastiraki, Greece.

solidtracks-bestofSleeve artwork design for a ‘best of’ compilation – Solid Tracks Records.

dimski_tshirt_design_freespiritfreespirit-tshirt-designdimski_tshirt_design_freespiritT-shirt designs for dj Freespirit, resident DJ of Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos, Greece.

dimski-spiderdimski-snowboardConcept hoodie and snowboard design, for a personal project.

dimski design steve lawler artdimski design steve lawler artPart of a series of artworks created for DJ Steve Lawler, an international techno dj.