Neil Pantos: Creatividad

Neil Pantos is a DJ, producer and label owner from Malta. Throughout his career he played alongside legends such as Sacha, Nic Fanciulli, James Zabiela, Ramon Tapia and more. Mind Ability Records signed Neil Pantos and commissioned me with the sleeve design for his latest EP release ‘Creatividad’.

The Challenge

Inspiration & Reference
Creatividad means ‘creativity’ in Spanish. The main challenge was to create an artwork that would complement the title of the release. Since ‘creativity’ is a broad term, I started looking into Neil’s personal traits, preferences and characteristics. After a quick, yet creative discussion with the label and the artist, we decided to focus on Neil’s body art – more specifically, on a tattoo that decorates his right forearm. I broke it down to its basic elements and reconstructed it using low-poly techniques.


EP Artwork Design & Promo Banner
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